With our ergonomic headrests, your work will be a pleasure

Our headrests create a comfortable working environment that provides the conditions for greater efficiency. For those who spend a lot of time in your office seat, it is extra important to have a solution for your needs. In this regard, it is rarely that the default variant is enough, but you need something that can be set according to your length or your specific working position.

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Comfort headrest

Don't fall asleep on COMFORT

Product overview

When working in an office, it is nice to tilt your head and relax from time to time during the working day. With COMFORT patent pending properties, you can easily find your own setting and get good opportunities to relieve the neck muscles.

COMFORT headrest with two angular joints. It has become a highly appreciated accessory for office chairs and driver’s seats. Drivers have found that it is not only a crash protection but also a truly comfortable support that is easy to set according to personal preferences.