Comfortable workstations for captains and boaters

Working marine as a driver in many cases means a lot of sedentary work. When you sit still with small movements for several hours, the adjustment around your shoulders, neck and arms plays a big role. We help you get a proper load for an optimal ergonomic work environment during long shifts.

Sittab does much more than armrests. We design a custom-made environment that relates to everything around your work seat. A popular module is our turntables that allow you to turn the seat 360°. In addition, we equip the seat with our multifunctional and ergonomic headrest.

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Photo: Bengt Oberger

Recommended product

EC Sledge

Move in warp speed

Product overview

The sled is used when the seat needs to be moved either sideways or longitudinally in certain industrial or marine environments. Our sled has a robust design and its length is customer-specified. The longitudinal sled is specially designed for industrial and marine applications and can be equipped with pedestals (electrical height adjustment) and adjustable footrest.

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