Material handling

Ergonomic armrests for increased safety and efficiency

Warehousing and logistics often require the highest concentration to deliver precision. In addition, high care is needed for the safety of the surrounding area, and not least the driver's own safety. Through our specially designed armrests, combined with our seat modules that increase flexibility and mobility, the operator's stresses can be reduced and safety increased. An optimal driver environment is a cost-effective business, for both drivers and goods.

Sittab does much more than armrests. We design a custom-made environment that relates to everything around your work seat. A popular module is our turntables that allow you to turn the seat 360°. In addition, we equip the seat with our multifunctional and ergonomic headrest.

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Recommended armrest

Special Arm - Vertiflex

Universal in its simplicity

Product overview

Vertiflex is developed for environments with heavy controls that require the support of a gas spring to raise and lower the armrest.