Sittab turntables

For maximum mobility

Sittab's turntables are 100% based on our ZSF technology. ZSF stands for Zero Start Friction and is a very important factor measuring operator satisfaction. In order for an operator to achieve maximum comfort, all features need to be available with a minimum of effort. Adding a function such as rotation increases the wear of the seat on almost all moving parts. Therefore, all parts of free play are an important object to prevent. All our turntables are designed to work twice as long as all the regular spring seats on the market. Free play is prevented throughout the lifetime through a unique combination of material selection, design form and pre-installed inventory units.

Byggo turntable

Strong, with large central aperture

The BYGGO turntable is designed to withstand heavy loads, including a 180 mm ball bearing with four adjustable slit blocks, which provide a loose function. The construction turntable has a 100 mm center hole for cable penetrations. Byggo turntable has a large area of use, but is especially suitable for construction and forestry machinery as well as larger forklifts.

EC turntable

Rotation is only one step away

The Sittab EC turntable is powered by an electric motor and has a large number of functions. The turntable is robust and suitable for off-road vehicles and other heavy equipment. The EC-line turntable is equipped with dual motors, one for rotation and one separate for locking. With its stepless locking, a further development of the company's turnstile concept, it is robustly designed to withstand the heaviest loads. The turntable is easily mounted with four screws in the top plate and four screws in the bottom plate, which ensures no free play.

EX turntable

Rotation is only one step away

Turntable EX for applications with limited space and where contact with pedals is important in the rotated position. Turntable EX has a displaced rotation point both along and sideways, which means a different movement pattern compared to the traditional turntable (see picture). The design is low-build and very stable in its construction to avoid gaps. The lock rail is laser cut which allows flexibility in locking positions that can easily be adapted to different cab conditions. The fifth wheel can be used in all types of vehicles but is initially developed for forklifts. The fastening holes can be adapted to a wide variety of chair models and undercarriage.

Flexi turntable

Rotation is only one step away

The FLEXI turntable is designed to allow quick and easy rotation between two positions with a manually operated pedal. The design is made so that the pedal can either rotate with the seat or always stay in a fixed position.

The FLEXI design is rigid, failsafe and robust. Lock and stop positions are flexible and can be equipped with seat position switches. The FLEXI turntable can also be operated with a pneumatic cylinder.

LB turntable

Can be hidden in a book

Turntable LB has a very low construction dimensions and is designed to withstand high loads without gaps. The principle is based on a 180 mm balled flange ring with laser cut recesses for absolute non-slip locking. Urtagen's positions can be customized. The turntable has a wide range of applications but is perhaps primarily intended for forklifts. The connection hole image and locking mechanism can be customized.

Simplex HD

Rotation is only one step away

The SIMPLEX HD turntable is a robust product and the main focus is heavy duty seating configurations and/or vehicles for rough terrain. The design is based on a Ø270 mm ball bearing that can handle heavy loads yet has a low profile. The ball bearing preload ensures a slack-free product, and it has a large center hole for cable/hose routing. The standard version has locking positions at 0° and 180° and electric operation. This product is mainly aimed at site preparation equipment, tilters and tracked vehicles.

Simplex turntable

Can be hidden in a book

SimpleX turntable is a robust lightweight product with a wide range of applications. The design is based on a ø 270 mm stored ball track that can withstand high weight with an extremely low building height. Storage is prestressed to guarantee a loose product and has a large center hole to allow cable and hose routing. The standard variant has a locking position of 0° and a locking lever that can be mounted in either the right or left versions. The product can be supplemented with locking modes, price stop modes and soft lock positions, both during delivery and assembly as well as after installation. SIMPLEX is prepared for standard locks at every 45 degrees but can also be equipped with a so-called flexi lock to obtain other lock and stop positions.

V turntable

Don't turn your body, turn your seat – stepless!

TURNTABLE V-97 with stepless locking is a continued development of our concept for turntables. It is simple and robustly designed to withstand heavy loads. V-97 can easily be assembled into a unit with four bolts on the top or bottom respectively, providing a loose function. Turntable V-97 has a large application, but is especially suitable for construction and forestry machines as well as larger trucks.

VP turntable

Never dizzy with Turntable VP

Turntable VP is designed to quickly and easily rotate with a manual unlock. The locking lever is designed so that it unlocks in the desired direction of rotation and can also be operated, for example, with the foot when rotating the seat. Turntable VP has a low construction dimensions and is designed to withstand high loads without any gaps. The connection hole image and locking positions can be customized.