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Turntables product guide

What is a turntable?

A turntable is a simple but effective solution for any vehicle or machine operator that needs to turn their body to the side continually in their work. The turntable enables a movement of the whole seat in the direction of focus. This releases the constrain on neck and back, compared to moving your body in a forward locked seat.


Enables seamless movement of the operator seat in 180-360 degrees and increases productivity. This function is an excellent investment in terms of ergonomics and it reduces uncomfortable movements.

Who is it for?

The turntable is robust and suitable for off road vehicles and other heavy equipment. Sittab offers a wide range of turntables for different applications.

– V turntable

Turntable V-97 has a large application, but it’s especially suitable for construction and forestry machines, as well as larger trucks.


– LB turntable

This turntable has a wide range of applications, but it’s perhaps primarily intended for forklifts.


– Byggo turntable

Byggo turntable has a large area of use, but it’s especially suitable for construction and forestry machinery, as well as larger forklifts.


Different models

Most of the turntables have a range of common customization options. This includes for example how you turn the seat and how you lock it. The more cost effective turntables are manually operated with a hand lever or pedal, and in contrast the more professional models are automatically operated.

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