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Isolators product guide

What is an isolator?

The isolator is a disc designed to lower the impact of shaking and vibrations in all directions.
As forestry machines and excavators are in constant motion and often are exposed to vibration and sudden shocks, an isolator is an invaluable asset for all drivers.

It can withstand substantial loads without slack, and it is easily mounted between the floor and the suspension.
The isolator is a simple but very smart product that makes every machinist’s working day a little more comfortable and a must for anyone who values ​​ergonomics.


The isolator’s springs are designed to absorb vibration and shocks from different directions and thus reduce the risk of work injuries, primarily in the neck and lower back. Isolators are available in 2-way or 4-way design. You can easily adjust the damping in 6 levels and it can also be completely blocked.

Who is it for?

Isolators are specially designed for machinists who work in rough terrain with uneven ground, where bumps and awkward positions are a common occurrence. But it also suits machinists who wish to have a more pleasant working environment and a driver’s seat that is not as affected by the machine’s movements and vibrations.

– 2 way damper

The 2-way damper eliminates most of the horizontal shaking and vibrations in most types of machines.


– 4-way damper

The 4-way damper eliminates most of the shaking and the vibrations in all directions.


– SI Type

This seat integrated isolator is available in 2-way or 4-way. The isolator is mounted between the floor and the suspension.


Different models

All models of isolators significantly improve your ergonomics. The 2-way isolator is a good and cost-effective solution where most shocks are minimized.

Our recommendation is to invest in a 4-way isolator, as all directions are then protected against impacts.
Our new SI Type is an improved version of the 4-way isolator, where the suspension is better and the on and off lever is more user-friendly.

Contact us at Sittab or your nearest distributor for a recommendation regarding insulators for your specific needs.

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