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Sittab since its inception, we have realized that our core customers are in the sectors where the customer works most of their lives in their machine cab. Farmers are a customer group that fits that description. When you sit still with small movements for several hours, the adjustment around your shoulders, neck and arms plays a big role. We help you get a proper load for an optimal ergonomic work environment during long shifts.

Sittab does much more than armrests. We design a custom-made environment that relates to everything around your work seat. A popular module is our turntables that allow you to turn the seat 360°. In addition, we equip the seat with our multifunctional and ergonomic headrest.

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Armflex E - Gasflip

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Product overview

ARMFLEX E has all ergonomic and technical setting options that are desirable and reasonable. When we designed ARMFLEX E, we put a lot of effort into making all functions logical and simple. The ease of use was put in the high seat. For example, the height is set with a quick grip. Other features are friction joints to make ARMFLEX E so easy to vary so that drivers really take advantage of these. ARMFLEX E has a large application area, but is especially suitable for larger forklifts, construction and forestry machinery.

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