Sittab contribute to UN Global Goal 8

Sittab contribute to UN Global Goal 8

Our sustainability commitment

Sittabas an integral part of Addtech, is committed to a comprehensive sustainability strategy covering planetary, social and economic aspects. This report presents the company's commitment to sustainability and its concrete initiatives to reduce environmental impact, promote social responsibility and ensure economic sustainability.

Planet - our environmental responsibility

Chemical management and environmentally friendly alternatives

To minimize the impact on the environment Sittab implemented an advanced cloud-based chemical management service. This platform enables accurate management of chemical use, and has been instrumental in the transition to more sustainable alternatives. By actively researching and incorporating environmentally friendly chemical alternatives, we work to reduce the risk of negative environmental impacts.

Energy and resource efficiency

Sittab has taken steps to improve its energy efficiency by migrating to LED lighting in its premises. In addition, the company has established a charging infrastructure for electric cars, which not only promotes a shift to cleaner energy alternatives but also contributes to reducing CO2 emissions.

Circular economy through material recycling

The company has made progress towards implementing circular economy practices by reusing packaging and packing materials. This reduces waste and promotes reuse, thus contributing to the reduction of Sittab to reduce overall resource consumption and waste production.

Waste management and sorting

Sittab is committed to efficient waste management through the establishment of a specialized environmental station for waste sorting. By properly sorting and managing waste, the company reduces its negative impact on the environment and promotes more sustainable waste management.

People - Social Responsibility

Employee well-being and employee benefits

For us, employee well-being is a key element of the company's sustainability strategy. By offering generous employee benefits, including health and wellness initiatives, the company demonstrates its commitment to creating a work environment that promotes employees' health and quality of life.

Workplace design and work environment

The company has invested in a modern workplace design with bright and fresh premises, which not only promotes productivity and creativity but also creates a pleasant working environment. A stimulating work environment has a positive impact on the engagement and well-being of our employees.

Gym and leisure facilities

In order to promote a healthy lifestyle and work-life balance, it has Sittab installed a gym on its premises. This facility offers employees opportunities for physical activity and thus contributes to creating a healthy and engaged workforce.

Profit - Financial responsibility

Profitability and long-term economic sustainability

Sittab's sustainability strategy aims to balance economic prosperity with responsibility towards the planet and people. By following sound business principles and integrating sustainability goals into the company's long-term strategy, it strives to Sittab strives to ensure long-term financial stability and success.

Sittab and Addtech support global initiatives

Addtech embraces the UN's 2030 Agenda and integrates the international goals into our assessment of how we impact sustainable development, both positively and negatively. Our companies have a positive impact on the promotion of the global goals by providing technological innovations and goods that play an essential role in the transition towards more ecologically sustainable societies and industries.

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Our 2030 targets guide us in our development

Addtech and Sittab has measurable and time-bound goals in three focus areas, which clearly shows our ambition and direction. By building strong partnerships with various stakeholders, we ensure progress towards our 2030 goals and at the same time make a positive contribution to the development of global sustainability challenges. We take advantage of opportunities to actively contribute to the transition to a more sustainable society and industry.

Sustainable business

By offering technology solutions that contribute to our customers' transformation and development, we want to create sustainable business.

Sustainable organization

We want to create an attractive and sustainable organization through gender equality and climate-smart operations.

Sustainable supply chain

Through structured supplier monitoring, we want to promote good working conditions and responsible production for a sustainable supply chain.

Sittab's sustainability commitment, based on the cornerstones of Planet, People and Profit, illustrates the company's integrated approach to achieving comprehensive sustainability. By incorporating these principles into its corporate culture and acting in accordance with industry best practices, Sittab is leading the way to a more sustainable future in the global industry sector. Sittab the way for a more sustainable future in the global industrial sector.


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