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When an optimal driver environment can be life-changing

Sittab helps the military develop better driver environments, with the goal of increasing efficiency, safety and comfort. In the military context, small margins make a big difference. We create custom-made armrests and seat solutions for maximum mobility and comfort. Being able to make a quick manoeuvre and quickly move or turn the seat, or be able to adjust the entire station for another person, is a must.

We have both experience and technical expertise to service the military with specially developed solutions for a better ergonomic driver experience. Sittab do much more than armrests. We design a custom-made environment that touches everything around your work chair. A popular module is our turntables that allow you to turn the chair 360°. In addition, we equip the chair with our multifunctional and ergonomic headrest.

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Armflex GF 620

Go your own way with ARMFLEX GF

Product overview

ARMFLEX 620 is an armrest with a modern design that has all the necessary ergonomic and technical adjustment options. The new V-pad is designed for optimal support for the elbow, while the flat sloping front end provides good freedom of movement for the hand and wrist. The 620 arm is mounted directly on the seat bracket and the height adjustment is made by changing the angle of the arm cushion.